Welcome to the Chain of Legends INO on the Liquidifty platform!

The Liquidifty team is ready to introduce the INO of Chain of Legends, which will start on May 26th, at 11:00 UTC. During the INO, users will have the opportunity to purchase valuable NFTs from the Chain of Legends project, which can be used as a platform for obtaining resources and their further exchange.

Find out more info about the possibilities of the Chain of Legends NFT and become a part of this outstanding INO by following the link:


Chain of Legends is a true Play-to-Earn game with strong Tokenomics that ensures players and investors an opportunity to earn a reasonable profit, while they have fun playing Chain of Legends. The Game has various parts: Mining, Adventures, PvP battles, Guild Wars, etc. These parts have various difficulties, profits, and risks at the same time. Mining is the safest part, while PvP battles and guild wars need more strategy and teamwork to achieve victory and earn a valuable prize.

The Chain of Legends gameplay and NFTs

The main value in Chain of Legends is the land, which is represented in the form of NFTs. Players should select NFT lands and mine them to earn in-game tokens $CLEG. Then, users can decide to sell them or use them to build an army for PvE and PvP mode.

Users need lands to place their buildings and start earning resources. Each land has limited amounts of resources. When the resources of a land finish, the land will disappear, and you have to find a new one.

Lands are limited to the reward pool. They will be distributed to the users over time. To control inflation, the reward pool tokens will decrease, when more users extract land resources, hence land distribution will get slower. This will help users’ assets to always remain valuable.

There are 5 types of land:

  • Desert: Has ~25 tokens* and no Iron and Stone resources. Every new user can start with this land with -10% earning rate (2800 lands available per day);
  • Common: Has ~235 tokens*Iron and Stone. (1400 lands available per day);
  • Uncommon: Has ~700 tokens*Iron and Stone. +10% earning rate. (480 lands available per day);
  • Rare: Has ~2800 tokens*Iron and Stone. +20% earning rate. (100 lands available per day);
  • Legendary: Has ~14000 tokens*Iron and Stone. +30% earning rate. (20 lands available per day).

By contributing to this NFT sale, you will achieve unique and unrepeatable benefits. During this INO you can purchase any of these 4 boxes:
Cobalt — 100 boxes:
45 lands in each — 0% of them is a desert land, 94% of them is common land, 5% — uncommon, 1% — rare.

Pyrite — 70 boxes: 40 lands in each — 0% of them is a desert land, 46% of them is common land, 50% — uncommon, 4% — rare.

Copper — 30 boxes: 30 lands in each — 0% of them is a desert land, 37% of them is a common land, 45% — uncommon, 15% — rare, 3% — legendary.

Gold — 15 boxes: 30 lands in each — 0% of them is a desert land, 0% of them is a common land, 36% — uncommon, 44% — rare, 20% — legendary.

You will be able to open these boxes after the game launches as well as buy and sell them at the in-game Marketplace. Make sure you don’t lose this opportunity!

This is the only place where you can buy limited lands of cycle #2, which has the richest lands in the Chain of Legends history.

Land resources will diminish by 5% after every cycle. When the game launches, players have to buy lands to start playing, but there is no land to buy in the first 10 days.

Only these NFT presale participants have lands to play. Others have to buy lands from the presale participants.

Players can earn 90% monthly net profit in $CLEG if they buy lands in this NFT sale. You may not have the opportunity later.

Community events

The Chain of Legends project team will hold an AMA session on May 24th, at 1 pm UTC. Users will be able to chat and ask their questions to the project representatives. It’s a great chance to know more about the project, ask questions, participate in raffles and win valuable rewards. Welcome to the Liquidifty chat to find out more information about the project and event prizes: http://t.me/liquidifty

Liquidifty, together with Chain of Legends, will hold a Gleam campaign. The event will be held from May 19th to May 25th. Users will also have the opportunity to get valuable prizes before the INO.

Get NFTs of the promising cross-chain P2E game in the INO of Chain of Legends on May 26th! Very soon Chain of Legends is planning to hold an IDO on Liquidifty (TBA) with very special conditions for our users — don’t miss the announcement and join it!

Social media of the Chain of Legends game:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord| YouTube| Medium

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:
▪️Website: https://app.liquidifty.io
▪️Telegram: https://t.me/liquidifty
▪️TG ANN: https://t.me/liquidifty_ann
▪️Twitter: https://twitter.com/liquidifty
▪️Gitbook: https://docs.liquidifty.io
▪️Medium: https://liquidifty.medium.com
▪️Instagram: https://instagram.com/liquidifty.io
▪️Discord: https://discord.com/invite/liquidifty
▪️Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Liquidifty_io/




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