They are coming back… The INO of the popular Sugar Kingdom project!

Exciting news for all sweet-tooths and those who want to earn money — we are ready to announce the INO of Sugar Kingdom on June 3rd, at 13.00 UTC. This project has already held a successful INO on the Liquidifty marketplace and is ready to provide extra benefits for this upcoming sale!

Join and use the earning potential of the project’s NFTs to the fullest:

Sugar Kingdom is a fantastic match-3 game with metaverse features, suitable for all ages, it is gender neutral, and everyone can enjoy it. Here, users can enjoy their favorite games from a traditional world but earn the $CANDY tokens! Only for a few privileged ones, there is the opportunity to be an important person, being a member of royalty.

Enjoy the adventures inside the Realm, through different casual games and social interactions with other users. Get high rewards with a game developed by a team of more than 20 people with members of Decentraland and The Sandbox.

NFTs Description

For the important players, they could have a LAND and earn more, much more than a common user. Sugar Kingdom is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as Hubs for players to gather, share and play. Lands can be upgraded, so that their owners may become the most prestigious in the Kingdom, and they can be customized, so that they may come alive with their brimming personality.

At the first time, you can just start earning passive income without having to play or do more things than holding your land. Later, you will be able to customize or do different things there.

Functionality: At the first moment, the LANDs will be an opportunity to earn passive income without having to do any difficult task.

Upgrades: In time, Lands will be capable of being upgraded with different installations that will raise its commercial potential sky-high! Higher Bonuses for earnings, Priority Points and more!

Customizable: There are several elements that a Land Owner can request to be built inside their plot. These are not only for embellishment: as they may be personally customized by Apes International Group Corp. so that they fittingly reflect their owner’s identity! Big Brands, KOLs and important actors could take the big advantage of that.

Land Name: Land Owners may name their lands as they see fit for the entire world to see, know and love!

Amount for sale: 80 LANDs will be sold in total in the 3 waves.

  • 1st sale: 30 LANDs at a price of 4,000 $CANDY per LAND
  • 2nd sale: 30 LANDs at a price of 5,800 $CANDY per LAND
  • 3rd sale: 20 LANDs at a price of 6,900 $CANDY per LAND

The Boxes contain legendary NFTs — the most valuable and the scarcest cards inside the Sugar Kingdom NFTs Collection. Their multiplier of x240 makes possible the highest rewards in the game.

This number will be multiplied, and it means that the rewards received by the user during playing a match will be displayed. Also, the owner will enjoy a higher number of matches per day!

Amount for sale:

  • 1st sale: 30 Legendary Boxes at a price of 1,500 $CANDY per box
  • 2nd sale: 30 Legendary Boxes at a price of 1,900 $CANDY per box
  • 3rd sale: 20 Legendary Boxes at a price of 2,400 $CANDY per box

Benefits for NFTs owners

  • Get access to the most significant rewards inside the Sugar Kingdom Metaverse;
  • Increase your Royalty points that lead to the raise of social and nobility status inside the Metaverse;
  • Landowners are the biggest royals within the ecosystem, being able to increase their social status and title of nobility and be provided with different benefits that the Realm provides, as well as high rewards and profits for them;
  • ROI for LAND: 2000 $CANDY per month. The distribution of the rewards starts in September 2022. Also, more features will be added, and the rewards will be the highest of our ecosystem;
  • ROI for Legendary NFT box: the rewards IN-GAME are multiplied x240. It is the best one of all our NFT Cards.

The Sugar world is waiting for you — participate in this INO on June 3rd and get all the benefits from the NFTs owning!

Social media of the Sugar Kingdom NFT-game:

Website| Twitter| Youtube| Telegram| Discord| Telegram Announcements

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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