The outstanding NFT-events week on the Liquidifty platform!

The Liquidifty team is happy to announce the next amazing week of INO of the promising projects Sugar Kingdom, Pirates World, and the first presentation of the NFT-collection by Liquid Monsters! Each project has its own unique and valuable NFTs and additional activities. Let’s get to know new projects listed on Liquidifty next week!

Sugar Kingdom

The INO of the Sugar Kingdom project will start on April 25th, at 13:00 UTC. Join the outstanding INO:


We are also pleased to announce that all Liquidifty users have a 10% discount for the purchase of NFTs from the Sugar Kingdom project. You will find more details in our telegram chat (

Sugar Kingdom is a metaverse focused on casual games. Here, users can enjoy their favorite games from a traditional world, but earn CANDY and CHOCOLATE tokens! Only for a privileged few, there is the possibility of being an important person, being a member of royalty.

Sugar Kingdom game NFTs

Users can use INO’s limited Sugar Kingdom NFTs to earn money in the project ecosystem. NFTs have different value systems. The more valuable NFT a user owns, the more likely he becomes part of the Sugar Kingdom royal family and receives more tokens. The project team is also working on using NFTs to make money on staking and farming.

AMA-session of Sugar Kingdom

The Sugar Kingdom project team will hold an AMA session on April 22nd, at 14:00 UTC. The session will take place in the Liquidifty telegram chat ( Five users who asked the most interesting questions will receive $20 each from the prize pool. Don’t waste time — join our chat to learn more about the project and its INO.

Gleam campaign of Sugar Kingdom

Liquidifty will host a Gleam campaign with Sugar Kingdom from the 21st to the 25th of April. Follow simple conditions and get a chance to split the $150 prize pool. We will randomly select ten lucky winners on April 25th, each of whom will receive $15. Follow the link and find out more about the details of the Gleam campaign:

Social media of the Sugar Kingdom NFT-game:
Website| Twitter| Youtube| Telegram| Discord| Telegram Announcements

Liquid Monsters

Liquid Monsters is the first NFT collection of the Liquid Collectibles marketplace for the Liquidifty platform! The presentation of the new NFTs will start on April 26th, at 17:00 UTC. Join the event and check out exclusive NFTs from the Liquid Monsters team:

Liquid Collectibles is the first NFT liquidity maker marketplace in the BNB chain, blending the best DeFi trends with popular NFT collections. The protocol enables instant NFT liquidity by aligning the incentives of its participants.

By creating tokenized NFT indexes backed by the actual assets, users can instantly trade their NFTs at floor price for tokens and provide liquidity to earn more tokens. It means you can have passive income while being exposed to your favorite NFT collection.

Liquid Monsters game NFTs

Liquid Monsters is an innovative collection of #6,660 unique tokenized NFTs and is the Liquid Collectibles’ official NFT collection! Being liquid NFTs, Liquid Monsters offers benefits such as instant NFTs trading and passive income opportunities through yield farming. The future of NFTs is here and it’s liquid!

Gleam campaign of Liquid Monsters

Liquidifty will host a Gleam campaign with Liquid Monsters from the 22nd to the 25th of April. Each user will be able to split the $150 prize pool by following simple conditions. We will randomly select fifteen lucky winners on April 25th, each of whom will receive $10. Dive into the link and find out more about the details of the Gleam campaign:

Social media of the Liquid Monsters NFT-collection:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord

Pirates World

The INO of the amazing Pirates World project will start on April 29th, at 14:00 UTC. Become the master of the seas in the INO of PiratesWorld with outstanding NFTs:

Pirates World is the NFT GameFi Ecosystem with the whole structure aimed at the Metaverse. We offer various products within decentralized finance (DeFi) to the target audience based on players in the NFT and gaming worlds.

Pirates World game NFTs

The NFT in Pirates World is a Land. The lands allow passive income through the NRAAS (NFT repair-as-a-service) system and will be a digital representation in the Pirates World metaverse.

The players will use the lands for repairing their NFTs to keep playing and using them. The Land Owners will buy materials so that players can repair their Land.

There will be three rarities in the Pirates World universe:
Land R1
will feature a Pirate’s Cave. Players can use it for healing their pirates after battles.
Land R2 will feature a Pirate’s Cave and a Shipyard where players will be able to repair their ships.
Land R3 will feature a Pirate’s Cave, a Shipyard, and a Marketing Space. The Land Owners can offer to advertise their lands to influencers, companies, etc.

The Pirates World project team held an interesting Gleam campaign and AMA session with prizes for its participants. Communication with the guys from the Pirates World team turned out to be very interesting and sincere. So check out our chat to find out more information about the project and the results of the Gleam campaign and AMA session:

Social media of the Pirates World NFT-game:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord| Facebook

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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