The outstanding Heroes of the Land INO on Liquidifty!

The Heroes of the Land NFTs


  • MMO Components: This satisfying feature creates a lively and dynamic arena for users to exploit. Hundreds of thousands of players on the same server can engage in a huge persistent open world. Gamers can team up with other players to fight in alliance battles, such as Guild Wars, Tournament, and Clan vs Clan.
  • Single-player mode: Players can spend time building kingdoms, harvesting resources, conducting technological research, and training soldiers to develop the kingdom in their own way.
  • PvE Mode: Players can march to hunt various monsters inhabiting the continent and resource farms to collect precious resources including food, wood, stone, gold, and G-Ruby crystal. At the same time, players can conduct boss hunting to expand their territory, and register new lands with the strength of the army they built.
  • PvP mode: Players can fight with other gamers to protect their resources and territories. During the battle, the user can utilize their treasure items to increase their troops and use skills against the enemy castle.
  • Free-to-Earn: Free to play & Play to earn, both in one game! Unlike other NFT games when beginners need to invest an amount of money to start, with Heroes of The Land, users make the decision whether they want to start for free or take a huge advantage by owning a powerful hero/ a land.
  • Earn It — Enjoy It: In Heroes of The Land, we care about gameplay, graphics, and tech compatibility. The visual presentation of the game is at a quite high level. The graphics are appealing, and colorful, and are done in an utterly cartoonish style, inspired by the traditional RTS genre, but rarely seen in NFT games.
  • Long Life Cycle: The core team, who has 10+ years of experience in the famous publishing game company, is a sucker for a great storyline. They aim to make it through firstly in 6 years, then still go up.

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