Participate in the Rooster Wars INO, start fighting and immerse in a real adventure with brutal roosters

Rooster Wars Gameplay

  • Arena Mode — fight against other players to accumulate $Gallonium (in-game currency). Each Rooster receives 5 daily $Galloniums to participate in this mode. The majority of the rewards are in this game mode.
  • Adventure Mode — conquer opponents in different stages to get $GWIT (in-game token) and other NFT items such as GAFFs and Gems. Train your Roosters using $Gallonium to quickly go through 40 stages available.
  • Team Battle — a passive way to earn. It requires the use of a “Battle Contract” to participate for a specific time period (days). Rewards and consolation prizes will be given out at the end of every battle.

Rooster Wars NFTs for INO

  • NFT Roosters — also known as pure-bred roosters with unique stats;
  • Gaff — these are in-game NFTs that can be equipped to strengthen your Roosters. Gaff is a blade placed on a rooster’s left ankle which will hold the gems. It varies from 1 to 3 stars. The higher the star, the more slots it can have, more slots mean more power-ups for higher in-game advantage;
  • Gallus Gems — give Roosters additional stats but can only be equipped if the Rooster has a gaff.

Why do you need to participate in INO?

  • There are 3 NFTs that you can use in the game to gain more rewards after you mint and hatch a Genesis egg;
  • Special price of $55 USDC – available only during the INO. Once the Token Generation Event comes, this special price won’t be available anymore (!). Potential players would have to buy the NFTs separately which may end up costing them more.
  • NFT in Rooster Wars can be used on the game modes to earn tokens and access exclusive content;
  • Passive earning from NFTs through the scholarship system – other players can play on your behalf if you don’t have time, and then you will split the profit at a certain percentage.

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