Participate in the Neraverse Legendary Clans INO and get NFTs for Unforgettable, Fun and Educational games!

Neraverse Legendary Clans Gameplay

  • Unforgettable: Each game has and will have a graphic story with a plot that will be revealed as the player levels up.
  • Educational: Each game has its story: some of the animals are in danger of extinction or there is a manual on how to respect life and take care of it, also games generate good awareness in dealing with all people and reduce prejudice, bullying and other more topics.
  • Fun: The team constantly interacts with its communities to receive good ideas in the development of video games, each game has its adventure and story with many difficulties, and they include new options to compete or play in teams.

INO Details

  • Price — $50;
  • Quantity = 200;
  • 20% discount to this NFT on Liquidifty;
  • Final price for Liquidifty — $40.
  • Price — $100;
  • Quantity = 200;
  • 30% discount to this NFT on Liquidifty;
  • Final price for Liquidifty — $70.

Neraverse Legendary

  • Price — $350;
  • Quantity = 100;
  • 40% discount to this NFT on Liquidifty;
  • Final price for Liquidifty — $210.

Clans in the game

  • Each user will be able to create his clan, the clan leader will receive money income for each item that a participant of his clan buys;
  • Clan can participate in tournaments where they can earn money income or receive NFT rewards;
  • Clans that reach ranking scores receive income and rewards.
  • Uniqueness: the available NFTs are unique, at this stage they will not be offered anymore, therefore, there will be greater demand, this will cause the rise in prices. New players will have to buy the characters from the first ones.
  • Discount: each NFT is being sold with an initial discount, this means that after buying it, it will automatically have a higher value.
  • Rarity: there are 3 types of rarities: Common, Epic and Legendary. They include accessories that increase experience and skill within the game. Therefore, it allows you to generate more income. The more used NFTs will gain the higher rarity they will have (this also refers to accessories, qualities).
  • Cross-use: Neraverse is a set of games, and there are other games under development where these NFTs could be used as well.
  • Bride: when you reach the Legendary score, you can merge it with another legendary one with the same score and get a baby.
  • Tournaments: only those who have an NFT will be able to participate in the weekly tournaments and generate more than 500 dollars.



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