Meet The Liquidifty Showcase — A BSC Marketplace For NFT Gaming Projects!

We are delighted to present the Liquidifty Showcase — our native solution for budding young projects. It can be quite difficult nowadays to find a platform on the BSC that would unite all gaming and NFT projects under a single roof, as does Opensea on the Ethereum network.

So, we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem and created the Liquidifty Showcase — a place where projects can create their own NFT stores for free in a matter of minutes, and users can collect and exchange items from different games and projects — all in one place!

What Liquidifty Showcase allows to:

1. Create your own custom NFT store
Change designs, descriptions, attach all your links — the project page is all yours.

2. Mint any type of NFTs
Mint anything in under a minute: 1/1 or multi-edition, songs or movies, etc. Flexible royalties and changeable prices are already available.

3. Choose a payment currency
You can accept any BEP-20 coin as a payment currency.

4. All set!
Your store is ready in a few minutes! Your users can now start buying, selling and collecting your NFTs.

And for all this is made available for only a 2.5% commission from the seller!

Are you representing a project and are interested in joining the beta testing of the site? Fill out the form on the website and we will contact you directly!

But that’s not all! We have big plans, as the next update will add the following features:

  • Trade any NFT created on the Binance Smart Chain, all in one place.
  • Create and upload your own generative collections with 1000+ items.
  • Create your own mystery boxes.
  • Rarity tools for collections.

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:





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