Meet the INO of Ookeenga on the Liquidifty platform!

UPD: Ookeenga INO was postponed to the May, 20th, at 13:00 UTC.

The Liquidifty team is pleased to announce the INO of the Ookeenga project, which will be on May 12th, at 13:00 UTC. Become a part of an outstanding INO by following the link:

Ookeenga (OKG) is the first Vertical Multiplayer real-time strategy game on the Binance Smart Chain GameFi with breathtaking 3D visuals of nature, an exhilarating storyline, and addictive gameplay, inspired by the Clash Royale genre.

Behind Ookeenga, there is Cross Game Studio with a 7-year experienced game developer, 30 strong, racking awards in Game-Tech, past successes in “most downloaded apps” on App Store and Google Play, and contribution to other GameFi projects: Step Hero, Plant Exodus, Echo, Mech Master.

The World of Ookeenga is a mysterious evolution of The Sacred Forest — an after-purge world where insects have evolved and fight to build their massive civilization. The player’s mission is to unleash devastating, tactical attacks against other players to bring the prize to their tribe. Meet 80 million unique heroes with different skill sets, ready to serve your ruling.

Ookeenga NFTs

Users will have the option to buy 1,000 NFTs of Genesis Cocoons. The cost of each cocoon is $50 for those who will participate in the INO, the public price will be $100.

1. Genesis Cocoons are limited and will not be obtainable in the game. The only way to get them is in the INO:

  • The total supply was equal only to 30 000 and was sold in batches gradually). In this batch, 6 000 cocoons will be distributed.
  • Each hero can breed up to 9 times only.
  • Investment costs only $150 USDT for 3 Genesis Heroes to participate in battles with ROI turnaround in 22–25 days.

2. Genesis Heroes born from Genesis Cocoons are granted Exclusive Benefits that are not available for Standard Heroes:

  • +5% all base stats.
  • The increased success rate in Hero Enhancement.
  • Reduce construction costs on Land.

3. There are 4 rarity levels of the Heroes, which will be randomly hatched:

  • Warrior (55%): common heroes with common skills and troops.
  • Warmonger (25%): uncommon heroes, about 1.5 times stronger than Warrior.
  • Overseer (19.5%): rare heroes, about 2 times stronger than Warrior.
  • Chieftain (0.5%): epic heroes, about 2.5 times stronger than Warrior.

The project team held an AMA session on May 3rd, at 12:00 UTC. Users had the opportunity to know more about the project, ask questions, and win a reward of $100 for the five best questions. Therefore, we invite you to check our chat and find more information about the project and its INO:

How To Play

Players will have their own deck containing different Troop and Skill Cards.

Players will drop their troops from deck to battlefield, and whoever wipes out the opponent’s troops and heroes’ towers first wins.

Players will need at least 3 Heroes NFTs to participate in the battle. Each Hero = 2 unit cards + 1 spell card. The game ends in 3️ minutes or the player beats the opponent’s main tower.

You could see the amazing Ookeenga gameplay by following the link

Grab your chance to participate in the INO to receive EXCLUSIVE early benefits from Genesis Cocoons!

Social media of the Ookeenga NFT-game:
Website| Twitter| Facebook| Youtube| Medium| Telegram Announcements| Telegram Global| Discord

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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