Meet our new and promising World Cup Apes IDO on the Liquidifty platform!

World Cup Apes NFT Ecosystem

$WCA Token

  • It allows holders to stake NFTs for 90 days receiving 40 $WCAs per day per NFT in return.
  • It will allow, through the sale in ICO, to obtain for free the Qatar 2022 collection NFTs which will be revealed in September 2022.
  • It will allow them to actively participate in the WCA Digital Investment Company.
  • The owners of 3 $WCAs will get 1 Qatar Collection NFT each.
  • Get an exclusive access to events
  • NFT owners can be drawn for exclusive experiences
  • Total supply — 100 000 000
  • Token name — WCA
  • Token price — 0,35$
  • Chain — Ethereum
  • Currency — USDC
  • Vesting — 20% monthly
  • TGE — 1/11/2022

How to participate?

  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by the popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.



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