MASD is launching the INO on the Liquidifty platform!

The Liquidifty team is pleased to announce the INO of the MASD project, which will start on April 21st, at 12:00 UTC. Dive into the link for participating in the INO:

MASD GAMES is a 3D multiplayer shooter game using blockchain technology. Players have to complete challenges, buy equipment and destroy opponents. The gaming process is crystal clear: you are thrown onto the map, then you choose a weapon and that’s it — your aim is to survive.

The MASD project team will hold an AMA session on April 20th, at 12 pm UTC. The session will start with an intro, and then users will have the opportunity to chat with the Founder of the MASD game Vyacheslav Volodin. Users will also be able to ask questions in the Liquidifty Twitter account under the AMA announcement tweet. Then, online, the ten users who asked the most interesting questions on Telegram and Twitter will receive $20 each from the prize pool. Therefore, we invite you to visit our chat to find out more information about the project and its INO.


The MASD Games project will hold Airdrop and users who will buy more than three characters at INO will receive $100 or more in MADS tokens to their balance! The Airdrop will be launched automatically after the IDO and only users of the Liquidifty platform can take part in it!

Gameplay of MASD

The uniqueness of MASD is users’ ability to earn by playing. You just need to get the battle pass and join battles to start earning tokens. The earning mechanic is plain and simple for every player. There’s no need to spend much time to figure out how it works, unlike in other complexes GameFi.

The creation of MASD GAMES was inspired by such games as CS: GO, RUST, PUBG, and APEX. They added the best from the GameFi world and traditional shooter games.

MASD game NFTs

The main NFT option is the gaming process and liquidity in the secondary market! The MASD team has created NFT characters and boxes to enable users to improve their results in the game. All versions of the characters are limited and the development of the game will create a great demand and rise in the price of them!

NFT Characters give you the opportunity to play and earn in MASD Game. Only NFT characters have various functions available (Clan creation, Rental, referral income from the clan, closed tournaments, various airdrops)

A total of 5000 characters will be released and distributed among the players!

Social media of the MASD NFT-game:
Website| Twitter| Youtube| Telegram| Discord

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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