Liquidifty x Binance Smart chain AMA Recap from 31st of August: P2E game presentation Co-Founder Vladimir Nikitin has joined the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Telegram group (more than 58,000 users) this week to answer the questions from community and give a few insights about the upcoming P2E game Drunk Robots.

Last month, the NFT marketplace was on fire! Liquidifty has been repeatedly included into various ratings of the top projects on Binance Smart Chain. The tenfold growth in trading volume on the marketplace led to the fact that placed Liquidifty on the 3rd place among all other marketplaces on BSC and on the 1st place among BSC marketplaces with the token.

BSCDaily and CryptoRank highlighted Liquidifty in the top Apps by a social signal several times!

$LQT token showed an amazing performance and also hit a new price record of $1.5!

Recently introduced by Liquidifty, Play-to-Earn game Drunk Robots has also got a lot of attention from the community! has listed it in the top of several ratings!

Introduction. Questions asked by BSC team

Faizan: Hello Vladimir. Welcome to Binance Smart Chain community, please introduce yourself and NFT marketplace.


Vladimir Nikitin, crypto and blockchain influencer with the huge experience in blockchain and network around the world, excited entrepreneur, Co-Founder of (NFT Marketplace) and (Play-to-earn game on BSC)

Introduction of

Liquidifty is a platform that will bring more liquidity to the NFT market granting all NFT owners more use cases. The platform will provide different tools for NFT collectors. Every user will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles, take out loans using NFTs as collateral, earn with NFT vaults, trade tokens on a convenient cross-chain marketplace or join multi-ownership feature.

Liquidifty aims to be the most user-friendly cross-chain NFT marketplace for everyone integrating Binance Chain, Polygon, Polkadot and Ethereum.

Liquidifty has already launched its NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain and is very well-known for its NFT artists and collectors supporting and accelerating programs. Liquidifty aims to connect collectors and artists in the way everyone has benefits.

During the latest Liquidifty events and contests, Cryptopunk, Bored Apes, works by FVCKRENDER, XCOPY, and other famous NFT artists were given to the collectors. On the other side, impressive trading volumes and promotion boost were reached for the NFT Artists.

Liquidifty is growing rapidly, and the team is constantly developing new markets and opportunities to build a solid ecosystem around the App and $LQT token.

Liquidifty launching Play-to-earn game @Drunk_robots.

The main questions and replies:

Q1: We found an interesting your NFT marketplace, how it”s easy to use

A1: First of all, we built our product based on our own experience of using other NFT marketplaces. We took the best features and simplified the whole product so that it can be used in a few clicks. So our NFT marketplace is easy for NFT collectors and NFT artists. We have an incredible functions (you can upload up to 500MB files for NFT) and many features are coming.

Q2: Do you have your own token and where can it be used?

A2: Yes, we have a $LQT token based on the BEP-20 standard. $LQT can be used in our contests and many events, for example the draw of BAYC bored ape we used $LQT to participate. Also $LQT will be used in our staking program for our launching Drunk-robots play2earn game to get a chance to open rare NFT robots.

Q3: Wow, you mentioned that you are launching your own P2E game. That’s interesting, please tell us more

A3: Drunk Robots is a play-to-earn game powered by team and built on top of Binance Smart Chain. Launch of NFT robots is planned for the September 2021

In Drunk Robots your main mission is to survive and seize the city absorbed by the drunk junky robots whose only interests are METAL beer and violence.

  • Collect the robots, guns and other street garbage to increase your street credibility
  • Rob stores and banks, participate in drunk races, join dance battles and beat the shit out of your rivals
  • Create your own gang or join the one — more powerful mobs will rule the city
  • Own your small land and farm — even drunk mad robots want to have their own hideout where they can brew some METAL to keep themselves alive

Q4: When will your game launch?

A4: Now we have started to sell the first-generation of 10,101 NFT robots on our Liquidifty NFT marketplace. More info here

Q5: Any opportunity to get a free NFT robot for the game?

A5: Yes, some people already received Containers and they can open them to get a robot. Just follow our social media channels and participate in our activities.

Q6: Sounds good. Let’s go back to Liquidifty. $LQT token listed only on Pancakeswap DEX, do you have any plan to list on centralised exchanges?

A6: We are not special looking for a listing on cexes and we rejected a lot of cex exchnges from tier-3 and tier-2 list), we are looking for quality moves and we will wait for a time when $LQT will match the requirements of the big exchanges.

Q7: What new products can wait users in the near future?

A7: We are building a lot of products at one time, as mentioned previously, Auction, NFT collateral, NFT fractionallise, NFT multi ownership, p2e game products around like staking.

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team: