Liquidifty v0.6 — GameFi, Security and Multi-Currency support

We are pleased to announce that the news is pouring in, and we will not stop there. Let’s start with a pleasant one and continue with a discussion of equally good news. So, please welcome the presentation of our update (not Kanye’s album, but you will definitely like it):

The first thing to say is that Version 0.6 is already live!

We are grateful to our growing community for this: we already have more than 40K people on Twitter. And this is just the beginning. Moreover, in August, Liquidifty reached a trading volume of $1.5M and got to the Top-5 Marketplaces on BSC.

We are proud that with us, your creativity is growing and developing. Together we are building a real space for digital art and its connoisseurs. Keep it up! 🤍

  1. Big tech update!
    Productivity has been increased in several times. A new backend that allows us to parallel the system work and connect several NFT collections at once! Very soon we will be able to connect external BEP-721 and BEP-1155 tokens! How can you not appreciate this feature?
  2. New anti-fraud system!
    The safety of our users is above all — we present a new system to protect our users from suspicious or illegally copied works. No plagiarism — we monitor any violations. The system itself marks such content and informs the user about it. Also, users can now complain if they notice suspicious content. Only pure 100% digital creativity.

3. Multi-currency support!
Great news for the waiting for multi-currency payments: now you can sell your NFTs not only for BNB, but also for any BEP20 token!

4. Top sellers and collectors!
We have added the Top Sellers and Top collectors tabs. Anyone on the marketplace can now see the top sellers and influencers on the platform!

5. Better UI and UX!
We have significantly redesigned the UI and UX, added features to make interaction with the marketplace even more convenient!

6. GameFi is the new black!
Gaming NFT projects are now taking a big part on Liquidifty, and now we have two separate sections: Art and Games!

A lot of big and interesting projects are going to be listed on Liquidifty! If you have your project on Binance Smart Chain and want to join us — please check out this proposal:!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team: