Liquidifty v.0.1.1 — one week after the launch

A week has passed since the launch of the Liquidifty application in mainnet mode. The community has been expressing considerable activity with positive feedback about the overall operation of the app. As such, we are delighted to present an overview of the progress that has been made over the past week.

Update v.0.1.1

  • The transfer and burn options for user NFTs have been added. Holders can now burn their minted tokens and thus increase the value of remaining assets.
  • The overall speed of the Marketplace’s operation was increased to better cater to the app’s performance and augment convenience for users.
  • 2 new featured collections have been added. We welcome all users to behold and enjoy the new and amazing works by Pablovision and Boris Raw.
  • The ability of adding videos as a source file for user NFTs has been added. This feature will expand the capabilities and possibilities for users when uploading artwork.
  • Minor bug fixes have been made to improve overall app performance.

Achievements since the launch of the Mainnet:

  • 40+ works have been sold thus far.
  • Social community growth has seen an increase to 10,000 users in Telegram and 17,000 on Twitter.
  • 280 minted works have been released.

Liquidifty roadmap for the nearest future:

  • Integration of an auction section to allow bidding.
  • Launch of special events for collectors with valuable prizes.

The Liquidifty platform is continuing to show colossal traction as the popularity of its product offering and the value of its functionality continue to increase on the market that is experiencing wild growth in terms of NFT application. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Liquidifty.

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