Liquidifty updates v0.9 — Easy navigation, collection statistics, and launchpad calendar!

The Liquidifty team is constantly improving the functionality of the platform. And this time we are happy to announce new features on Liquidifty:

  1. Search and filters. To simplify navigation for the necessary collections, items, and profiles we have added search with categories and filters on the Liquidifty platform. The advanced search is going to be in the next release!

2. Traits and rarity in filters. Filters for collections with traits are now available on Liquidifty. Using the example of the “Drunk Robots” collection, you can see that robots can be searched and ranged by different traits: from accessories to specific types of robots, and also the rarity of the robot.

3. NFT-collections statistics. The information about the collection is now available on Liquidifty. Users can find out the number of items, owners, floor price, and total trading volumes.

4. New events calendar. To simplify navigation and access to information for our users, a calendar has been developed where you can get acquainted with all the upcoming events — from IDO, and INO to drops and raffles.

5. Opening of the secondary sale for “Drunk Robots” by $METAL. After such a successful IDO of “Drunk Robots” on the Liquidifty platform, the entire “Drunk Robots” NFT collection is now available for trading by $METAL. You can check available robots here.

Well, that’s all the updates for today. We hope that your experience on the platform will be much more enjoyable. Our team will continue to improve the functionality of the platform. See you soon!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:





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