Liquidifty Lunar Contest — valuable NFTs inside and a cash prize of 10.000$!

The Liquidifty team is announcing a special Lunar contest, that is dedicated to the Chinese New Year. This is our 8th contest and we hope this number will bring you luck!

This time we've included highly valuable prizes each up to $10 000. We will also raffle cash in the same amount. Things that you can find inside have utility and a high potential of bringing more value. Read more about prizes below.

Liquidifty Lunar Contest starts on February 2, at 12 UTC, and it’s available here:

The rules:

  1. 800 scrolls — every scroll contains an NFT
  2. You can get a game item from Guardians, Thetan arena, Axie Infinity, and others; IDO Launchpad pass ($600, $2000, and $10000 cost), Art NFT, DAO share (with 70% APY), or a lucky ticket.
  3. Everybody who will receive a Lucky ticket will participate in the raffle of $10000, there will be 5 winners, every winner gets $2000.
  4. Users who buy 5+ scrolls in addition to gifts from the scrolls are guaranteed to receive an extra NFT!
  5. There will be only 5 days to get the scroll. All scrolls that won’t be sold will be burned!

The draw will be fully open and transparent, as we use VRF from ChainLink. Firstly, we will draw all NFTs from the scrolls on February 7, and those who will get a Lucky ticket will join the raffle on February 8, where 5 ticket holders will get 2000$ each. We will personally contact the winners and make an announcement about it on our social media. It is very important to open your scrolls before the drawing because you can’t participate in it without a ticket.

More about prizes


We've carefully selected the games for prizes in this contest and only the most popular and cool games are included. All the games are already running, they have their own marketplaces with the possibility to easily sell the NFT you receive unless, of course, you want to play a bit. Game’s list:

  • Guardians
  • Thetan arena
  • Axie Infinity
  • Mobox
  • Drunk Robots
  • Cryptoblades
  • Binamon
  • DungeonSwap
  • DeFiPets
  • ZOO Crypto World
  • Wanaka Farm

IDO Launchpad

Liquidifty's released an IDO Launchpad and among the contest prizes, it will be possible to find launchpad passes. Users with these passes get:

  1. Access to IDO and INO of the solid and stunning projects (i.e. Drunk Robots, an NFT game backed by,, Co-founders of 1inch, Shima capital, and Dex Ventures that will conduct its IDO on LQT Launchpad in mid-February);
  2. Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by popular gaming projects, such as Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Guild of Guardians, Crypto Blades, Wanaka Farm, Kryptomon, and many others;
  3. Weekly cash prize raffles (up to $2000);
  4. Tickets for Private sales.

DAO share

Skill Guilds DAO shares have been included in prizes. It is a platform that unites investors, games, and players and helps them find and join best-performing guilds. This share gives you a stake in the DAO with a 70% APR. You can read more about the economics of the project and how it works here:

Art NFTs

Liquidifty often holds various events where the best artworks can become prizes. If you are an artist, mint your works and we can choose them for the following projects. The artists who were featured for this project: @restlessperson, @rvre, @kuper @JamesSuret, @crows_palace, @charmer, @maxpulso and others.

Lunar New Year is all about your loved ones, do not forget to make them happy!

The Liquidifty team wishes you health, wealth, and good luck in the New Year of the Tiger!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events:





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