Liquidifty Is Announcing the Collector Contest #2 — win an amazing artwork by XCOPY

We are giving away the Afterburn by XCOPY

The last contest for collectors attracted more than 50 participants, which is an excellent turnout for our project. And as we had previously promised, there would be more events in the future. Keeping on that promise, we are delighted to announce the next contest!

The new contest will be involving a giveaway of work by XCOPY!

*This is not an official collaboration with the artist. We`re just giving away the work from our own collection

Join the competition here:

The terms of the new contest are as follows:

  • We will be delivering 3 different NFTs at different times. All participants of the contest need to do is collect 3 of them to be eligible for participation in the giveaway.
  • All the drops will be announced in our official social network channels on Discord, Twitter and Telegram. Those willing to take a piece of the pie will need to follow all of them to stay up to date with the latest announcements.
  • Once the participants have collected all 3 drops, they will need to fill out a special form and retweet the tweet about the event.
  • The grand prize during the live translation will be randomly given to one collector who have 3 works on the same wallet

Drops will be made on according to shedule:

1st NFT (50 pieces) — 6.08–3PM EST
2nd NFT (30 pieces) — 6.11–1PM EST
3rd NFT (10 pieces) — 6.13–8AM EST

About the collection:
Digital totems of the future (Oni Masks and Tsantsa, the shrunken heads)
Inspired by Japanese mythology, especially The Hannya and Oni Masks (Japanese demons), and also The Shuar, ancient South American tribes, I began my digital totems collection. My goal was to combine ancient Japanese mythology and its talismans with the traditions of South Americans Indians whose talisman was defeated enemies` heads (Tsantsa), and the most important one is to convey it through the perspective of futurism (Japanese cyberpunk with plenty of neon).
I`ve achieved what I wanted. It was how I imagined Indian talismans if they were in Japan in 2077.

Artist: Boris Raw

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