Liquidifty Announces Rebranding!

The Liquidifty project is delighted to announce that it is in the process of conducting a full rebranding and is presenting the first sneak peek into its new style.

The original style of our platform has already managed to win the love of many of our followers and become a recognizable staple on the market. But as a really fast-paced and dynamically developing startup, we feel the need to constantly undergo changes and improve every day for our community!

As such, we are proud to present the updated style of the Liquidifty platform!

The new style reflects our approach and goals in a considerably clearer and more favorable light, as Liquidifty is all about flexibility, speed, and constant change. We are determined to change the NFT market, making it more liquid and accessible for everyone.

The works of the authors presented on our platform are stylish and captivating, and we feel that we have an obligation to emphasize these qualities and strive to be on par.

The main page is already updated! Come and visit:

We will also be conducting a large-scale redesign of the marketplace to make it more understandable, convenient and versatile for both artists and buyers. The massive influx of new users and the rapid changes in the NFT world are motivating us to work on building an intuitive and user-friendly interface to suit all levels of member experience.

The new brand and new interface are being built around the most important component of our project — our community. The social component, the relationships, and the mutual support we are seeing is what we consider to be our main driving force.

Leave your comments and ideas regarding our rebranding campaign, as we hope that the new style will become recognizable to thousands of people!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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