Liquidifty announces integration with Symbiosis

We are excited to share this great news with you! Liquidifty plans to integrate Symbiosis solutions and bring the experience of our marketplace users to the next level!

Symbiosis solves the problem of liquidity fragmentation across different blockchain networks and enriches user experience while working with DeFi and Web3 economy.

This integration will help to make NFT purchases easier on Liquidifty! Users will get the NFTs they want with a single click, regardless of the network they’re on. No need to switch between the interfaces and swap your crypto. All this will happen automatically with Symbiosis under the hood.

About Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a multi-chain liquidity protocol. A one-click any-to-any token swap regardless of the network, both EVM and non-EVM compatible. Liquidity provision for all networks from one single interface. Decentralized, secure, and easy. They provide liquidity to every major blockchain, resulting in the formation of a blockchain metaverse. For cross-chain communication, Symbiosis functions as a unified transport layer.

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About Liquidifty
Liquidifty is a cross-chain NFT marketplace and a Launchpad with a focus on utility in projects and collectibles. We offer a wide range of events and investment tools in crypto like INO, IDO, airdrops, and others. The platform has a simple interface that allows not only to trade NFTs easily but to create an NFT store in a few minutes and get marketing support from our team.

Stay tuned to receive the latest updates!




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