Liquidifty 100k NFT Artists competition — next steps!

First of all, we want to say thanks one more time! Thank all participants, finalists, jury and community! Liquidifty has grown so much since the announcement of this competition! And finally, it’s time to finish it!

We know you all are very excited! Thank you for your patience during the event! It took us really big efforts and a long time to review all the applications, make a shortlist of the finalists, collect all the stories, find the Jury members, create a voting system for Jury and Community, and so on! Thank you, we appreciate your being with us all this time.

So, what’s next?

  1. We have a short-list of the 50 finalists who are eligible for voting! You can find their stories and works here:
  2. There will be 15 winners:
    20,000 USDT + 20,000 $LQT
    10,000 USDT + 10,000 $LQT
    5,000 USDT + 5,000 $LQT
    3,000 USDT + 3,000 $LQT
    2,000 USDT + 2,000 $LQT
    1,000 USDT + 1,000 $LQT — 10 winners.
  3. The first place will be chosen by the Jury. The members of the Honorable Jury are Nate Hill, Seerlight, SuperTrip64, Pixelord, C R A C K.

And the main part is community voting!

We`ve thought a lot about how to make it as fair and easy as possible for everyone. The voting process will be done using the

All the $LQT holders will be able to vote for the NFT Artists. The voting process will be free — no need to spend or burn $LQT, so it’s completely free to participate. And it’s completely fair and transparent — each voter can vote only once, and all the votes will be recorded in the decentralized ipfs storage, so there is no way to hack or affect the voting process.

September 15, 23:59 UTC — snapshot of all $LQT holders will be made;

September 16, 09:00 UTC — the voting will be started, all the links will be in our socials;

September 23, 09:00 UTC — the community voting will be ended!

September 23, 09:00 UTC — the jury voting will be completed!

September 23, 16:00 UTC — the announcement of winners!

Dear Artists, now it’s a good time to start engaging your communities and preparing them for the voting!

All the voters, please notice: your $LQT balances should be prepared for the vote by September 15, 23:59 UTC+0! Not later! All the voters will have the voting power proportional to their balances.

Some helpful links:

$LQT token:
How to use pancakeswap:
How to vote:

More instructions to be provided!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:





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