Join the upcoming Private Sale of the Souls of Meta project!

We are thrilled to announce the great Private Sale of the Souls of Meta project on June 21st, at 10:00 UTC.

SOULS OF MΞTΛ is a Cross-Game Multi-Chain Fun2Earn project (Play-Own-Earn + Free2Play). It’s a third-person Action-RPG Fantasy NFT Gaming Metaverse of Blades and Sorcery where you can own and monetize NFT assets through GameFi and SocialFi, travel through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players (PvE & PvP), solve quests, and beyond, have fun playing and earning at the same time!

The project team’s aim is to create a unique Fun2Earn Metaverse with actual gameplay first replacing the traditional p2e model.

The project consists of highly professional specialists with solid backgrounds and experience in gaming and tech projects.

The core team (you can check their working experience following the LinkedIn profile links on their website:

$SOM Token

$SOM is a utility token for stakeholder ownership, Marketplace assets, advertising transactions, and staking awards. It will be traded on DEX and CEX or be swapped with $SMP on the native DAX (Digital Asset eXchange) of the project.

The $SOM Utility highlights:

  • It Is used to buy and trade NFTs in the Marketplace and access Earn Mechanics;
  • It Allows to buy and upgrade NFT characters, weapons, counselors, and land NFTs in SoulVerse;
  • It is paid for advertising space and promotional events within the game;
  • It enables privileged access to in-game NFT Launchpad (SoulPad) Tiers;
  • Grants up to 50% commissions discounts on any transactions and various other powerful incentives
  • IT fuels NFT minting of new Game Levels and Assets.

Why participate?

  • Tokens can be swapped for BUSD and BNB tokens;
  • Deflation through token burning;
  • Providing Staking rewards;
  • Grants up to 50% commission discounts on any transactions and various other powerful incentives.

Private Sale IGO Details

Description of the IGO, date, and conditions for the Liquidifty users.

Here are the initial details:

  • Network: BSC
  • Token: $SOM
  • Total raise: $50 000
  • Private Sale IGO Price: $0.006
  • The vesting schedule for the private round: $0.006, 8% TGE unlock, 1 mo cliff, 11 months linear vesting

How to participate?

To participate in the IGO, you need to have a Liquidifty NFT pass. You can participate in the Solid, Liquid, and Gas waves according to your pass. The Solid holders are the first ones.

It is very important to buy a pass before the actual IGO starts because you won’t have the opportunity to get access during the IGO.

Allocations for the Liquidifty NFT pass holders:

  • Gas — individual allocation;
  • Liquid — 1000;
  • Solid — 1500.

Benefits of holding the Liquidifty NFT pass:

  • Guaranteed allocation;
  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by the popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.

If you don’t have one, visit this link:

The team of the project also holds a Gleam campaign — 3 winners will receive 1 Character and 1 Weapon NFTs to start their Fun-2-Earn journey in Souls of Meta and 10 more winners will get $10 each!


Social media of the project:
Website| Twitter| Telegram News| Telegram Chat| Discord| Medium| Youtube|

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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