Immerse yourself in a new metaworld that has an exciting story together with Animals Reckless Party Club!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming INO of Animal Reckless Party Club that will start on August 22nd, at 7:00 UTC.

The INO Link

ARPC is a pfp NFT collection aiming to become the most sustainable brand on the web3 market and become the “Mickey Mouse ‘’ of the blockchain.

Every one of 7,777 3D NFTs is a piece of the brand, a piece of an IP. You can use your turtle in ARPC partners’ ecosystems and get rewards and bonuses.

The project plans to launch partnerships with physical brands and bridging metaverse to reality: merch and toy drops, exclusive items, presence in art galleries, and much more. Also, there will be an ARPC integration with various metaverses and virtual spaces. You will be able to use your NFT turtle as a skin in the meta.

The project has a huge network that’ll help to create one of the most recognizable web3 brands while recognition is equal to profit. Among the partners’ projects you can find Crossmint, Optic, Celo, also games MetaClash, Katana Inu, Metaverses Utopia, Spatial, and many others.

INO Details

ARPC is a collection of 7,777 turtles enabling the p2e and Metaverse ecosystems.

ARPC is partnering with both metaverse and real-world brands providing value to their communities and increasing the ARPC brand awareness in the space.

In order to increase brand awareness, ARPC is partnering with various web2 and web3 brands. Presence in the metaverse as a playable character, merch drops in collaboration with known clothing brands, exclusive toys realization, and more will put ARPC turtles on the map.

A very interesting feature of this NFT collection is that it has 6 sub-collections, and each of them has its own unique history.


Turtles are born in a shell and start the first race for survival. Their look is full of energy and positivity.


The banners and shells carry a deep meaning to accentuate ecological problems.


The US has always been one of the countries that has a lot of influence on global trends: NFL or basketball, hip hop, recognized clothing brands … All of this is worn by our turtles.


Crypto, web3.0, NTFs, and typical attributes of these trends are present in this unique collection.


Characters can overcome all the barriers in the future and have done so by changing part of his physical body for robotic elements.


Jonathan Moffett is one of the most recognized musicians in the world. It is the rarest subcollection of ARPC: only 7 unique pieces were confirmed digitally by Jonathan.

Why participate?

❗The team will release 500 NFTs for sale at the price $140 BUSD each in the form of Mystery boxes. Revealed NFTs will be randomly dropped to users on August 26th.

Social media of the project:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Discord |

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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