How To Choose Your First NFT To Invest In

What is so special about the industry?

When to enter?

Types of NFT collections

DYOR: Main strategy for success

  • If you want to understand if the collection or project is at its peak or not you can check it with a free tool like Google Trends — it is a perfect indicator of the public opinion and insights on a topic or keyword.
  • Or you can check the statistics of sales of the certain collection. The number of NFT sales helps investors identify past and present interest in an NFT collection and identify the trend.
  • Right timing is not the key to success, although it is crucial. You should also know how to evaluate the potential of the NFT project or art. And we prepared the guide to help you deal with it.



Community Quality

  • First of all, how many people are there on Twitter and Discord — these socials are the major ones for the crypto world?
  • What do they communicate about?
  • Do they communicate at all, or do they just write the same kind of messages and spam?

Roadmap and Whitepaper

NFT Metrics



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