Gods and Legends NFT card sales on Liquidifty

When Santa asked you “Were you a good boy/girl during the year”? did you deceive him? All of us have white and black sides inside. Sometimes the Angel whispers and leads us, another day the Devil wakes up and suggests applying the Dark side.

Gods and Legends Series 2: Angels And Demons is a collectible NFT P2E card game based on the legends of angels and demons throughout the world. This game will start NFT sales on the Liquidifty marketplace.

The sales start on January 25, 2022, at 7.00 am EST. Save the link and be ready!


The main goal of a player is to collect a powerful deck and defeat the opponent. Angels and Demons will allow you to go head to head in a battle card game using famous Angels and Demons such as Michael, Raphael, Lucifer, and Azazel.

It doesn’t stop at NFT collectibles and a game, they will be creating the Angels and demons comic book collection, future NFT staking platform, and many more exciting products! In the battle between heaven and hell, whose side will you be on?

Play the game to win and collect NFTs, trade and sell the NFTs on the marketplace. Angels & Demons collectible NFT cards come in limited-edition releases. They can be purchased, sold, traded, and used in an upcoming card game.

Common — Red — No Animation
Rare — Silver — Inside Animation
Legendary — Gold — Inside and Outside Animation
The main goal of a player is to collect a powerful deck and defeat the opponent.

Customize your deck according to your playstyle in the game. The in-game Leaderboard and Deck Builder lets you find out which decks are performing the best, and also their stats, card makeup, and more! Use the NFT cards to build and customize multiple decks on the Deck Builder section.

About Gods and Legends
Gods and Legends is an established collection on the Binance Blockchain. They are expanding their Universe with Series 2: Angels and Demons. It will be released on Binance Smart Chain as Limited Edition NFT cards.

Gods and Legends Links
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium

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