FOTA is Launching an INO on the Liquidifty platform

We are proud to announce the INO of the FOTA project, which will start on May 6th, at 12:00 UTC. Follow the link to participate in the INO:

FOTA (Fight Of The Ages) is one of the most anticipated Metaverse Gaming projects. The game was developed by the experienced team of Meta Djinn Pte. Ltd from Singapore includes people from Riot, Gameloft, Kixeye, Microsoft, Vodafone and has received Technical Awards in 2020.

FOTA combines the MOBA and RPG elements and uses the MicrosoftMesh technology. With an exciting storyline, breathtaking worlds, and addictive gameplay, FOTA will deliver the most amazing experience to its players!

INO Details

The Liquidifty users will be able to buy exclusive NFT heroes from limited versions! These heroes will not be available anywhere else, and before the official FOTA game launch, they will not be resold anymore.

A total number of 2400 NFTs will be distributed among the users!

Exclusive NFT Hero Staking Program only for INO

The more NFT you buy during the INO the more reward you get.

Reward Rate:
1 NFT: 3% for 2-month
3 NFTs: 5% for 2-month
5 NFTs: 7% for 2-month
8 NFTs: 10% for 2-month

Reward Paying Mechanism:
50% of Reward in USDT BEP-20 (After 30 days)
50% of Reward in $FOTA (after 3 months — Marketing Budget Unlock)

Auto-Staking Mechanism: hold NFT in Wallet and On-chain Scan after 10 May, 2022.

Also there are some important news for the Liquidifty user

The FOTA project will hold a Giveaway, and users who will buy the NFTs will get a chance to participate in it and win one of the 20 Kyla and 10 Third Eyes NFT items from the game.

FOTA Gameplay

The FOTA Metaverse opens an era of breathtaking fantasy realms. Players will immerse themselves in the land with magical creatures and mighty gods.

Players will be able to select one of the 8 classes, each with their own special abilities and specific skills: Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Chemist, Hunter, Assassin, and Mech.

Apart from selecting a class, there will be another tough call to choose one of the 8 different races as their appearance, skills and storylines are unique: elegant Omni, mythical Dragons of the Greenland world, strong and flexible Elves, indestructible Keens, intelligent Humans, Demons of Nightmare world, fierce Beats, Ogres with dark magic.

Players can build their own teams to start playing and participating in the battle in one of the lands: The Earth, The Greenland, and The Nightmare. WInners will get rewards in $FOTA for the victory.

Every user will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles, take loans under the NFT collateral, earn with NFT vaults, and more. With a variety of 70 types of NFTs, FOTA guarantees players can have a satisfying experience, not just for a NFT Game but also for traditional gamers out there.

Players can directly buy a Hero with Level 0. Then, through participating in quests and battles, heroes can gain experience points that increase their Levels. With higher levels, heroes become more valuable on the FOTA Marketplace and bring players attractive income.

There will be 4 characters available at Liquidifty that you can choose from.

Orson — The Beast Warrior

⚜️ Race: Beast
⚜️ Class: Warrior

With mighty roars that make the weaklings consciousness; with sharp claws that pierce through any armors; Orson proves himself to be a supreme ruler of nature.

Orson’s Skillset:
🔸 1st skill: The Forest Guard
ORSON stomps on the ground and summons a sacred shield that protects himself or an ally hero from being targeted by enemies’ skills and items.

🔸 2nd skill: Warrior’s Blade
ORSON focuses the energy of nature in his palm and releases a powerful slash. This skill is passive and will reduce the enemy’s movement speed after every hit.

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): Energy Transformation
ORSON smashes the ground to pieces and unleashes the almighty power within himself, giving power to one marked ally, transforming damage suffered into extra HP.

Tigris — The King of The Jungle

⚜️ Race: Beast
⚜️ Class: Warrior

Tigris is a courageous chieftain of the Creek — an indigenous tribe that once ruled over the Darkest Jungle of the Nightmare. Despite becoming a leader at a very young age, Tigris’s strength and intelligence were second to none. Tigris derived knowledge and bravery as well as combat skills from his grandfather and father. They taught him about the peace and unity the Nightmare once had. That was only the case before the arrival of the fallen Omnis, later known as the Demons. When exploiting the dark power of the Darkness, they used their psychic powers to manipulate the Beasts who were born from darkness extremely insane and bloodthirsty. Now the only way out is that Tigris has to find ways to unite with The Human on The Earth to repel the evil forces or his tribe will vanish from this land.

When it comes to his skillset, Tigris shows expertise in combat and a peak in overall strength.

Tigris’ Skillset:
🔸 1st skill: The Roars
With his power, Tigris roars then restores HP for one ally.

🔸 2nd skill: The Pride
Tigris becomes furious and enhances himself by dealing damage equal to the HP he has lost, when HP is restored, his rage comes down then the ability disappears.

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): End Zone
His hunting instinct takes over, Tigris lunges towards his target enemy and both lose 50% of their HP.

Aprum — The Skull Crusher

⚜️ Race: Beast
⚜️ Class: Warrior


The Nightmare was once inhabited by the Creek — an indigenous tribe that was mostly concentrated in the Darkest Jungle. Tigris had been a headman of that tribe since he was very young, but his strength and intelligence were second to none. From an early age, Tigris was taught by his grandfather and father about the Nightmare with peace and unity. However, that’s all impossible when those lost Omnis came here with new powers, exploited the dark power of the Darkness, slowly turned bad, and named themselves the Demons — a new race and a byword for cruelty. They used their psychic powers to manipulate the Beasts which were born from darkness extremely insane and bloodthirsty. Now the only way out is that Tigris has to find ways to unite with The Human on The Earth to repel the evil forces or his tribe will vanish from this land.

Aprum’s Skillset
🔸 1st skill: Crushing
Active: Aprum fiercely tumbles toward the target enemy, stunning him and dealing damage.

🔸 2nd skill: Mace of Parry
Aprum absorbs and deals back damage suffered as true damage to the enemy.

🔸 3rd skill (Ultimate): Invincibility
When skill is activated, Armor and HP increase by 30% and 30% each, making Aprum immortal.

Kekor — The Barbarous Orge

⚜️ Race: Ogre
⚜️ Class: Warrior


Once upon a time, Kekor was a Lord of Middle Earth. He once believed in gods, but all was just the past now. Kekor is Cyril’s strongest right hand. He bore a grudge against the Human in Middle Earth and the gods in The Greenland for rejecting his faith. He attempted to consolidate the Demons’ influence on Middle Earth by transforming Humans into Ogres. Brutal and possessing the ability to reincarnate upon death, he became the worst nightmare on Middle Earth. He raised a monstrous Ogre legion in the Black Fortress and posed a threat to the survival of all living things in Middle Earth.

Kekor’s Skillset:
🔸1st Skill: Reaper’s Spell
Active: As a soul eater, Kekor deals damage and then silences the target enemy from using normal attack.

🔸2nd Skill: The Samsara
Passive: Kekor recovers HP based on normal attack damage he deals with the enemy.
🔸3rd Skill (Ultimate): Revival Ritual
Passive: Right before being defeated, Kekor does his Revival Ritual and he will be resurrected with 30% of his maximum HP.

Don’t miss your chance to get exclusive NFTs on the FOTA INO on May 6th, at 12:00!

Social media of the FOTA game:
Website| Twitter| Youtube| Telegram| Discord| Facebook

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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