Experience the emotions of a real hunt with the Metahooter INO

Metashooter Gameplay

  • Hunting rare or epic animal breeds and getting token rewards instantly;
  • Collecting a particular region, common animal collection of 10 animals;
  • Participating in hunting tournaments for the prize fund;
  • Converting your trophies to baits or breeding fodder and selling them on the marketplace;
  • Buying NFT assets and monetizing them.

INO Details

  • Get staking opportunities and passive income by owning hunting lands, towers, and breeding spots;
  • Monetize lands in various ways;
    In MetaShooter there are three types of lands: breeding, regular, and tower. With a breeding land, you can breed NFT hunting dogs, and sell them to other hunters. The breeding land gives you the ability to breed NFTs and be part of the supply. Dogs are one of the best helpers in hunting. With regular land, you can build a hunter’s house which will provide rest for other players, storage for rent, the ability to do paid activities, and many other options. With towering land, you are getting an actual hunting tower, which you can use for other players and monetize through that. Also, each land is getting APY from the MetaShooter collected revenue, and hunting lands with tower ones are getting APY from hunting tournaments as well.
  • Receive rewards by winning tournaments or hunting trophies;
  • Hunt various animals and experience realistic dynamics and stunning visuals.

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