Digital Equates Reality with the Metahorse IDO on Liquidifty!

We are thrilled to announce the IDO of one of the most outstanding projects that combine digital and real-life — Metahorse. Join the IDO on June 23rd, at 12:00 UTC:

Metahorse builds an ecosystem that integrates both GameFi economy and the real-world economy which recognizes the potential of the horse industry. In most cases, the barrier to entry for the horse industry can be very high to own a horse. Hence, through Metahorse, by owning NFTs, users are able to benefit from the play-to-earn model while working towards owning a real horse.

In order to integrate the traditional horse businesses which are considered a niche, the project’s team creates demand by building a community base from the GameFi spectrum. It translates the demand to the market and then integrates with the traditional horse industry and tokenizes it to build a full-fledged ecosystem.

The team of the project has many years of experience working for NFT, tech, and GameFi projects. They are specialists that came up with the idea of this outstanding project willing to change the industry.

The main goal of the project is to allow users to be a part of the ecosystem that can elevate their status in the digital and real worlds while ensuring the experience is user-friendly and bridging the gap between GameFi ecosystems and the real world.


Metahorse is an ecosystem that resembles the metaverse that connects with the real world. The project creates opportunities for the traditional horse industry to integrate with blockchain technology through NFT ownerships and certifications.

$METAH is a governance token that is the main and only currency to be used in the game. It allows you to participate in the game activities as well as stake and earn money by investing.

There is a Meta Shop in which players also will be able to purchase special items through the METAH tokens. The METAH tokens that players will spend in the Meta Shop and use in the in-game activities will form the Breeding Pool.

The Breeding pool is an in-game pool — all the Metah tokens spent in the game will go to this pool, and it will be locked for 365 days, then they will be released to different pools:

  • Play to Earn Pool (30%);
  • Burn Pool (25%);
  • Horse Acquisition Pool (15%);
  • Staking Pool (15%);
  • Tournament Prize Pool (10%);
  • CSR Pool (5%).

Thus, it ensures that the token value can be sustainable, and the ecosystem is kept healthier. As a result, the token will be cycling in a controlled manner

It allows the project to contribute to the community in the digital world but also to the horse communities in the real world.

In addition, whenever players achieve the highest honor, which is called METAH HORSE, they receive a real horse from the dev team. In order to achieve the honor, players will need to spend effort, time, and also the $METAH token in the ecosystem.

It helps to sustain the token ecosystem by the external economy and to maintain or increase the token value as players have a final goal to achieve the highest honor. Eventually, it reduces the selling pressure from the market as well.

Why participate?

  • The project has a virtual and real economy;
  • Players will have the right to vote;
  • There are GameFi and EdTech projects with a bright future;
  • Players can become a part of the promising ecosystem at an early age.

IDO Details

The project will allocate 1,000,000 $METAH tokens for the Liquidifty users. The allocation for each wave will be the following:

  • Gas — 100
  • Liquid — 400
  • Solid — 800

Moreover, there will be a special Whitelist for this IDO containing winners of the Gleam campaign which was held by the project. These users will be able to participate even without passes — in each of the three waves! The allocation for the Whitelist participants will be the same as for the pass holders.

Here are the initial IDO details:

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token: $METAH
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000
  • IDO Price: 0.05
  • Private round allocation: 45,000,000
  • Public round allocation: 4,500,000
  • The vesting schedule for the public round: vest weekly for 52 weeks
  • TGE: June 30, 2022

How to participate?

If you are not on the whitelist, you need to have a pass to participate in the IDO. You can participate in the Solid, Liquid and Gas waves according to your pass. The Solid holders are the first one.

It is very important to buy a pass before the actual IDO starts because you won’t have the opportunity to get access during the IDO.

Additional benefits of holding the Liquidifty pass:

  • Guaranteed allocation;
  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by the popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.

If you don’t have one, visit this link:

Participate in the MetaHorse IDO on June 23rd, at 12:00 UTC — become a part of this amazing project!

Social media of the project:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Reddit

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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