Crypto Dice Hero’s got listed on Liquidifty!

We are happy to announce a new listing of blind boxes from a promising play-to-earn game, Crypto Dice Hero by Crypto Hero Game Studio on November 30, 2021 at 3 pm UTC.

The sale will be available at

You can buy blind boxes with random Dice inside for your personal collection, or you can use a founded NFT for boosting heroes in combat to win and earn! The Dice inside the box have 5 different ranks: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and epic. Try your luck to get the epic one!

And this is not the last good news! In cooperation with Crypto Hero Game Studio, blind box buyers at the marketplace will be rewarded in the following ways:

1. They will get direct access to the internal test whitelist.

2. Wallet addresses of the first 100 buyers will receive 10 $HRO airdrops before the game launch.

Let’s get ready and support this new game!

About Crypto Hero Game Studio:
Crypto Hero Game Studio is a global team growing up from a handheld games design. They have started the explorations of the best possibilities in blockchain games development since 2017.

Their studio has co-developed and co-published with World Cup Guessing game, which hit over $100,000 in monthly sales, and designed and developed wallets for token exchanges with over 10,000 daily active users. Experienced in the industry and confident in the future of blockchain games, they are focusing on independent development and publications of P2E projects.

Crypto Dice Hero is a P2E game based on slots design and is the first game of the Crypto Hero ecosystem launched in the market. The NFTs and the token ($HRO) released in this game are available to use in the following games in the future. The philosophy behind Crypto Dice Hero is to give the best balance between entry barriers and gaming experience to players to earn more.

We were amazed by the gameplay of Crypto Dice Hero. Check it by yourself below. And I guess not only we were surprised because of a successful sale of the $HRO token of the project on three different launchpads: DaoStarter, BrandPad, and MetaPlay.

Crypto Dice Hero links
Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Website

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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