Become a part of the ultimate play-and-earn Cryptomeda universe!

NFT gaming ecosystem

Cryptomeda INO Details

  • 300 boxes with Meda Heroes — $90 per box;
  • 600 boxes with weapons — $20 per box;
  • Usability in the Cryptomeda games and outside the cryptomeda ecosystem
  • Collectible value — rare NFT heroes — iconic characters from the crypto-space
  • NFT features: Cross-gaming, upgrading, crafting, merging, burning
  • 1 Revolution hero in the box — the rarest and most valuable NFT hero in the Cryptomeda universe giving daily $TECH token airdrops to the holder
  • Play the Cryptomeda games to earn NFT rewards
  • Stakers and farmers earn $TECH tokens and NFT heroes
  • Staking pools provide additional gaming benefits and airdrops
  • NFT lands and Revolution cards giving airdrops to the holders



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