Amazing INOs week on the Liquidifty platform!

The Liquidifty team has already prepared for the outstanding INOs projects week. The INO participants will be the amazing NFT-games such as Pirates World, vEmpire, and Widiland. Now let’s talk in more detail about each of the projects.

NFT-game “Pirates World” will be the first INO-project on Liquidifty this week. You can buy valuable NFT in the INO of “Pirates World” on April 12th at the link which will be provided in the official announcement channels.

The P2E game has its whole ecosystem aimed at the Metaverse which offers various products within decentralized finance (DeFi) to the target audience based on the players in the NFT world and the gaming world.

In the Pirates World NFT there is a Land that allows passive income through the NRAAS (NFT REPAIR AS A SERVICE) system. The players will use this land to repair their NFTs to keep playing and using them. The Land Owners will have the Lands, and they will buy materials so the players can repair their Land. The owners are able to offer NFT repair services to other users by generating passive income!

There will be three rarities of Lands:

Land R1 will feature a Pirate’s Cave (the players can heal their pirates).

Land R2 will feature a Pirate’s Cave and a Shipyard (the players can repair their ships).

Land R3 will feature a Pirate’s Cave, a Shipyard, and a Marketing Space (a marketing spot where the Land Owner can offer advertising to influencers, companies, etc.)

The Pirates World team held an AMA session on April 8th, during which the users learned more about the project from its representatives. Dive into our telegram-chat to get acquainted with all available information about Pirates World. The NFT game team also hosts a gleam campaign from April 7th to 11th. During the gleam, five users were able to share the prize pool of $200.

The Pirates World social media:

Website| Medium| YouTube| Twitter| Instagram| Facebook| Telegram| Discord

vEmpire: The Beginning is an immersive blockchain-based play-to-earn trading card game that’ll enable the vEmpire community to strategically battle against each other, playing to earn better financial rewards in the DDAO. This is a very cool and rapidly developing project with a bunch of unique P2E mechanics, which has recently joined Liquidifty.

Join the INO of an outstanding NFT-game vEmpire: The Beginning on April 14th at the link which will be provided in the official announcement channels.

In the vEmpire NFT-project there is the Plebeian Council where the principal assembly of the common people of the vEmpire’s Metaverse adopts ancient Rome. They will act as their holder’s identities and provide unique benefits for their holders within the vEmpire’s Roman ecosystem! Stake your Pleb and earn passive income from the fees collected from vEmpire: The Beginning, vEmpire’s new play to earn Trading Card Game!

The vEmpire team is planning an AMA-session on April 13th. The AMA session will take place in our telegram chat at 12 pm UTC. The most active participants, who ask the most interesting questions, will be able to compete for 5 Pleb NFTs. Follow the link and don’t miss the chance to chat with vEmpire CEO Dominic Ryder:

The vEmpire DDAO team, together with Liquidifty, will also run a gleam campaign that starts today and ends on April 13th. By fulfilling simple gleam conditions, the users will be able to win randomly the prizes from the $200 prize pool from the vEmpire DDAO team. Dive into the link and find out all tasks for participating in the gleam campaign:

vEmpire: The Beginning

Website| Medium| YouTube| Twitter| Telegram| Discord

The extraordinary project Wildiland NFT game will close the amazing week of INOs on the Liquidifty platform!

Take part in INO Wildiland on April 15th at the link which will be provided in the official announcement channels.

WidiLand is a multiplayer farming game based on blockchain technology where players can earn and learn to protect the environment. Players will immerse themselves in a new land, experience a variety of roles, and enjoy different game modes to build and protect their new home!

Widiland offers users two treasure NFTs:

  • Land Treasure randomly gives you one of the six NFT Lands with the rarity ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic to Legendary.
  • Character Treasure randomly gives you one of the three NFT Jobs: Farmer, Breeder, and Cook.

Through this game, our team would like to send a message that our planet Earth needs pressing protection. Enabled by blockchain technology, these digital in-game items, lands, and characters are not only for entertainment but also have a real financial value.

The Wildiland team hosted a gleam campaign with Liquidifty on April 6th. We are giving away a total reward worth up to $400. Complete all tasks to get a chance to win one WidiLand Character from the 5 ones. The 5 lucky winners will receive a character treasure from Wildiland. The winner list will be announced on April 22nd. Dive the link to take part in the gleam campaign:

The Widiland social media:

Website| Instagram| YouTube| Twitter| Linkedin| Facebook| Telegram| Discord

Our team keeps finding cool NFT-projects for you! We promise that we will not stop at the success achieved, and you will find a lot of interesting things on the Liquidifty platform! So, don’t waste your time, subscribe to the Liquidifty social networks and participate in cool INOs!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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