$100,000 event for talented NFT artists by Liquidifty — Simplified and Explained

One more time, the rules are:

  1. There is a prize pool $100,000 in total;
  2. 15 winners will get prizes!
    20,000 USDT + 20,000 $LQT
    10,000 USDT + 10,000 $LQT
    5,000 USDT + 5,000 $LQT
    3,000 USDT + 3,000 $LQT
    2,000 USDT + 2,000 $LQT
    1,000 USDT + 1,000 $LQT — 10 winners.
  3. The first prize winner will be chosen by the Jury of respected and accomplished NFT artists;
  4. All other winners will be chosen by the community voting;
  5. You can apply to the contest with any of your artworks. The only rule is an artwork should be created and owned by you. Doesn’t matter if it`s already minted as NFT or not;
  6. Just post your work in your twitter or instagram with #LQTArt hashtag and @liquidifty tag (@liquidifty.io on instagram), retweet the contest post and fill the form;
  7. The event will be ended on June 10, 9:00 UTC time;
  8. Your artwork is 100% yours, participation in event doesn’t mean you give us your work;
  9. There are no special requirements to the artwork, you can create everything you want
  10. We would be glad to promote your artworks among our community of investors and collectors
  11. Everyone has equal chances of winning, don’t be afraid to try yourself!

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